Avon’s Anti-Ageing Celluvive Complex Revives A Tired Rose


In the photograph above, you see a rose without water, a rose with water, and a rose with a mixture of water and Avon’s Celluvive Complex. After 24 hours, the flower with the mixture including Celluvive looked restored!

The power is in the patent-pending Celluvive Complex which helps revive even the most damaged skin cells, restoring them to a more optimal condition.** It was inspired by recent scientific research, which has identified an innate purification process in our bodies.

“Over the years, this natural revival process in our bodies breaks down, and this has been implicated as a key factor in many diseases and signs of ageing,” said Chris Kyrou, Executive Director of Skin Care and Product Development at Avon. “This same process is responsible for purifying damage within our skin cells, so we wanted to develop a product that aids in renewing this natural process.”

Experts at Avon’s Global Research & Development Centre in Suffern, New York, created this experiment to demonstrate the benefit of Ultimate Supreme’s exclusive Celluvive Complex, using a wilted rose and compared how it was revived when soaked in water vs. soaked in our ANEW Celluvive Complex. The result is stunning.




ANEW ULTIMATE SUPREME delivers both immediate and longer-term improvement on even the most advanced signs of ageing.


NEW ANEW ULTIMATE SUPREME Advanced Performance Crème
A luxurious, lightly-fragranced crème with Tahitian black pearl, gold and platinum mineral extracts. Targets millions of skin cells with each application, helping to restore damaged and ageing cells to a more youthful condition.


**Based on in vitro testing

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